Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday and our first snow

I woke up to light snow, no sticking. Now at 1130, it's getting heavier and sticking. The kids are thrilled.
It will be so pretty when we go and pick out the Christmas tree tomorrow.
Everyone is finally feeling better, HOORAY!
I made cinnamon rolls this morning, the kids couldn't get enough.
I got together the kid's teachers presents, all WAHM products. They picked what they liked best, and gave each teacher one of their bookmarks. Care Bears and Spiderman. The soap and lotion came from Buff Organics on Hyena Cart. They smelled marvelous. Here is where you can find her, sweet mom and nice products- and here-
Finishing the Christmas cards is a priority!
The mailman should bring lots of boxes today, maybe Jim won't be home from hunting yet, so I don't have to hide them from him. Bad Me!!!

If you want great caramals and wonderful customer service, try Calabasas Candy Co. on Etsy. Super duper experience!


Roxanna said...

Ughhhhh I shouldn't of clicked on those links now I want a bunch of stuff but its good because a lot of it is sold out LOL

4smartmonkeys said...

They have great stuff, I wanted more, but am bummed that it is mostly all gone!