Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally all my winnings and some other cool stuff!

I started getting into blogging and giveaways about 1 1/2 months ago. Here are my winnings so far!!!!
1. Flat cards, stickers and the most adorable felt reindeer ornament. All from Jennifer at and this is her Etsy store- and this is her Ebay store-
I only won the flat cards, but she included reindeer/snowman stickers and the great ornament. I was so thrilled to have won such a well made and generous prize!!! Jennifer is a very sweet lady!

2. $50.00 from Betty at Dejaroom. I ordered 4 personalized ornaments and a personalized mug. When they came, she had included a personalized ornament for me, and everything looked so well made. I loved everything. Betty was easy to work with and super fast!!
Here is her blog/store-
These are the ornaments, one for each of the kids and one for me. Rebecca, Nick, Alex, Jill and Tater. The mug is white with Dad on it in camo colors. Jim loves it!

3. I won a Norah James Design t-shirt of my choice from Celeste on her blog-

This is Tina's shop- I picked out this one for Tater, it's on back order, should be on it's way soon.

Celeste is so nice and I love her blog, you should become a follower!

4. I won a felt coffee cozy from Audrey's blog- Here is the giveaway I won-

I picked the blue felt with yellow star. I received it fast, and she included the cutest barrettes- holly leaves with berries. Here is her store, there is a scrap of a pic of my cozy in the holiday cozy pic-

My daughter loves the barrettes and they stay on great!

5. I won a super cute Blabla "Gigi" doll from Priscila at Little Miss Heirlooms. She is such a sweet lady! And don't forget to vote for her! My daughter can't wait to get this doll, she is super excited that I won! She seems to be getting as much stuff as I am from winning :)

6. This is my latest, I won handknitted oh so pretty fingerless gloves from Lory at

Here is the giveaway and the pretty gloves-

Sharon has beautiful items, you should check out her shop-

I can't wait to get these!!!!

Here are some things I've gotten from swaps and raffles-

The first is from NILMDTS fundraiser on Hyena Cart. I offered up a semi custom tutu and it went all the way to England! I bought a raffle ticket for this and won!! It's a busy book and 6 ISpy blocks from Kelly at Puddle and Pockets on Hyena Cart. I can't find a pic on her site, so will add one later. Tater got the book for his bday and the blocks for Christmas. They are great and so well made!

I was involved in a 12 days of Christmas swap on Hyena. My partner was Lyndsay and she gave me some really nice and thoughtful gifts! My final gift was 6 products from her store Munkies Goop in my fav scent White Tea. You should check her out-

She gave me the coolest bookmark! I love True Blood!!

I received a buttfreckle!! I got my 3 oldest kids one each for Christmas. Check out the Buttfreckle store on Etsy-

My oldest son's is shown- Road Rash- he just got his driving permit, I thought it was appropriate...ha-ha!

Here is mine aka Prinkly-

She gave me a great scarf, but it just wasn't my colors. I contacted the store and the nicest lady ever told me I could exchange!!!
Sally from Redux4u is so sweet and makes wonderful, knitted items, journals, and more!
Here is what I am getting- It's so pretty, I don't have anything in those colors, but that gives me a reason to go shopping, hooray!

It was a great swap! Can't wait until next year!!!

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sassypackrat said...

Thanks so much for blogging about winning my giveaway! That was so very sweet of you! I also saw that you just won the House of Mouse giveaway. I've been trying to win that for months and months! If it couldn't be me I'm happy it was you! Happy New Year! ;0)