Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a week!

I have had a busy week and weekend. Saturday it was raining, but I still had to take Mad Man to his football game. I stayed in the car and worked on a tutu, I got it finished before the game was over. I think it's wrong to make those little guys to play in such sucky weather, they are only 5-8 yr olds. My son's team went undefeated!! Hooray for the Fayetteville Browns I team!!
We are trying to get the house cleaned and organized. What a pain in the bum. All the kids complain, Jim grumps along the whole time and I get frazzled. Is is worth it? Should we just make sure everything is clean, but who cares about organizing?? Ugh!
I just put Tater down for a nap, and thought I'd have time to do this and a couple of other things...ha-ha..he's up already...not even 5 minutes. It's because as I was taking him upstairs, he heard elmo on the TV and I am pretty sure that woke him up.
Gotta go get the munchkin!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up all night with Tater

Tater, my 10 month old, was up around 3 this morning. He woke up wet, I can't seem to find a CD that doesn't leak at night. I changed him, then laid him on his side,covered him up and patted his bum....hoping he would go back to sleep. Finally after an hour and putting him in bed with us, he went back to sleep. What a night.
I got up and made a tutu for bulldog puppies. I am doing a trade with a lady that sells bulldogs and makes fleece and knit stuff. She wanted a tutu for pics, so people will be able to tell which pups are females. I uses an 'It's a girl' ribbon. I will post a pic later, she is also going to let me use a pic of the pups! I have almost finished her John Deere tutu, and it's off to the PO later today.
I have a rush yellow tutu for Halloween. A DS mama needs it for her daughter's bee costume. That will be started tomorrow morning and done Friday. In the mail that afternoon.
I have also started making cute fleece hats. I made a long one for Stinky,my 4 yr. old daughter. She loves it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First post and the day my oven caught fire!

I am excited to start my blog. I am not sure I will post everyday, but I will post whenever I can.
As I was preparing my french bread pizza today, I noticed what I thought was the oven light on. But, when I checked, much to my surprise, it was flames making the light. The oven coil broke, and was sparking. My husband explained all of that to me. Luckily, a parts place had a coil and my great man fixed it. HOORAY!! I could just picture having to buy a new stove.
Especially when we have to get a new water heater, it's leaking so bad!!!
We got our pictures taken on Monday evening, the fav of my kids is showing.
I love one, but it has a white globe of light in the background. Ugh...I think we are going to have more taken on Friday. Jim and the boys(not Tater) are not happy with me at all.