Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up all night with Tater

Tater, my 10 month old, was up around 3 this morning. He woke up wet, I can't seem to find a CD that doesn't leak at night. I changed him, then laid him on his side,covered him up and patted his bum....hoping he would go back to sleep. Finally after an hour and putting him in bed with us, he went back to sleep. What a night.
I got up and made a tutu for bulldog puppies. I am doing a trade with a lady that sells bulldogs and makes fleece and knit stuff. She wanted a tutu for pics, so people will be able to tell which pups are females. I uses an 'It's a girl' ribbon. I will post a pic later, she is also going to let me use a pic of the pups! I have almost finished her John Deere tutu, and it's off to the PO later today.
I have a rush yellow tutu for Halloween. A DS mama needs it for her daughter's bee costume. That will be started tomorrow morning and done Friday. In the mail that afternoon.
I have also started making cute fleece hats. I made a long one for Stinky,my 4 yr. old daughter. She loves it.


Lil' Outlaws said...

What kind of dipes do you use at night? The only thing that works for us is a double-stuffed FB, and we snap the legs tighter at night. But the one thing that guarantees us a dry bed is a fleece soaker over it. We like Jennel's soakers from RainingBabyFluff on HC, of course but *most* of them work great..
Dry bed every time :) Even if he goes to sleep in a GM!

4smartmonkeys said...

We use (shame on us) sposies at night. We tried all kinds of diapers...fitted, pockets(extra stuffed) and he'd wake up wet. I am going to see about getting a good fitted and using his fleece longies at night. I will look into a fleece soaker. I bought him longies even though we use pockets...they are just to darn cute. Now my 4 yr. old and 8 yr. old want I am getting them in a trade!!!
I want to thank you for mentioning me and sending me a pic of that cute baby with the tutu on. I may be making some more for portrait studios, thanks to you!!!!