Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a week!

I have had a busy week and weekend. Saturday it was raining, but I still had to take Mad Man to his football game. I stayed in the car and worked on a tutu, I got it finished before the game was over. I think it's wrong to make those little guys to play in such sucky weather, they are only 5-8 yr olds. My son's team went undefeated!! Hooray for the Fayetteville Browns I team!!
We are trying to get the house cleaned and organized. What a pain in the bum. All the kids complain, Jim grumps along the whole time and I get frazzled. Is is worth it? Should we just make sure everything is clean, but who cares about organizing?? Ugh!
I just put Tater down for a nap, and thought I'd have time to do this and a couple of other things...ha-ha..he's up already...not even 5 minutes. It's because as I was taking him upstairs, he heard elmo on the TV and I am pretty sure that woke him up.
Gotta go get the munchkin!

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