Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First post and the day my oven caught fire!

I am excited to start my blog. I am not sure I will post everyday, but I will post whenever I can.
As I was preparing my french bread pizza today, I noticed what I thought was the oven light on. But, when I checked, much to my surprise, it was flames making the light. The oven coil broke, and was sparking. My husband explained all of that to me. Luckily, a parts place had a coil and my great man fixed it. HOORAY!! I could just picture having to buy a new stove.
Especially when we have to get a new water heater, it's leaking so bad!!!
We got our pictures taken on Monday evening, the fav of my kids is showing.
I love one, but it has a white globe of light in the background. Ugh...I think we are going to have more taken on Friday. Jim and the boys(not Tater) are not happy with me at all.

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