Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tearing down and making something new!

We are making Stinky her own little room. It had a big opening off the boys room and not much privacy. Now that she is getting older, we decided to turn it into a real room. They tore open the wall, made a new doorway. They put in swinging saloon doors. It's going very good. Excuse the mess, we don't have much room and everything is shoved into corners and the floor.
I'll try and post all the work that going on.

This is her new doorway, looking into the boys room-

Her room-

Working on the doorway-

The old and the new doorways-


Catherine said...

A room to ones self is always a wonderful thing. Especially when you are a girl. :)
xo Catherine

Peggy Anne said...

Amazing what thinking outside of the box can do...congrats to Stinky!!!!!!!!!