Monday, January 31, 2011

More on the room

Here is Stinky looking out of her new room-

Here is the room without the closet-

Here is the room, you can see the closet in the left hand corner.

Jim has taken the paneling down and the drywall is finished. Only a sanding left. Once that is done, I will be painting her room. She picked a med bright purple. I painted her dresser PINK today. It has 3 purple drawers and 2 pink. I got drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby today at 50% off. I am going to surprise her with them once I have the dresser finished. 7 different pairs. They are so neat, I hope she will like them.
Her loft bed is done and ready to come home. We have to get the walls finished and then he will bring the bed home and assemble it all. She is beyond excited- she gets to pick out a big girl mattress and all new girly bedding!!!


Catherine said...

What a lucky girl to be able to pick out her own wall color. It should be nice and bright! :)
xo Catherine

smilernpb said...

M liked to see these pics! Although she did say the room was a bit messy! Haha. Anyway, she will be writing to Stinky very soon! Promise!

Hope, aside from the new room, all is well with you? xo

Peggy Anne said...

Sooooo exciting!! Thanks for sharing (can't wait to see the dresser).