Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here's a hug for you!

Everyone needs a hug now and then, here is one for you. Have a lovely day, and remember to smile (it's contagious)!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the suggestion of Jenny's Simply Clean :) I got some today and I'm giving it a try! I hope it solves my stinky diaper issues. Do you usually put your detergent in the cold rinse cycle or the hot cycle? I also saw you only do one hot cylce right? Thanks!


4smartmonkeys said...


I only did the hot cycle and I put the detergent in before the diapers. I had the stink problem once, and it was because of the Free n clear detergent.
I also found the line drying them helps so much. Gets out stains, and helps them to smell fresh.
This is a really helpful site-

I hope some of this helped you out. It's a hit and miss game with CDs.