Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Independent Chocolatier

I found out about this wonderful opportunity from a friend on There are no selling limits, no minimum, etc. I talked with Jim and we both thought why not? I signed up on Wednesday and received my introduction boxes today. WOW! That was so quick. I got 2 big boxes full of chocolate goodies!!! I can't wait to get started with tasting parties. I've only tried 2 of the products, but they are delish :)
I'm really excited about this business opportunity because I love chocolate and working with what you love is fantastic!

Here is my website, if you'd like to check it out-


Catherine said...

I am thinking I would eat all my product and have nothing left to sell!!! ;)

Very fun ~ good luck!
xo Catherine

smilernpb said...

Good luck in your new adventure xx