Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretend play gone sprinkle crazy and our monkey??

Stinky and Tater were playing pretend cupcake decorating. I thought I put the lids on super tight. Lo and behold, I missed one. What a mess! They had a blast though!

Here is Frankie, climbing my kitchen curtains...UGH! But the other pic shows we got a monkey not a cat....huh?????

Monkey cat, the rare new species of wild and crazy animals :)


Catherine said...

Haha! Oh my ~ that is some sprinkle goodness there! But how cute are they and what fun they are having. Nothing a little sweeping can't take care of right?

Frankie is so cute! Cats and curtains ~ a natural attraction! :)

Hope you are having a fantastic July friend!
xo Catherine

smilernpb said...

M loved seeing the pictures of Stinky. She thinks it is great that she has blonde hair the same as her! :o)

Looks like they were having fun, bless them.

I hope they are not driving you too crazy now it's the summer vacation! B and M break up next Friday. xx

Kat_RN said...

Fun, reminds me of mine when they were little. Our cat, Spontaneous is much to fat and lazy to go for the curtains though.
Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

LOL-my-gawd! He is so cute! I had to call George in to see him. He loves both cats & monkeys!

I am a fan of sprinkles, no such thing as too much! Maybe some pretend-cleaning play is in order?

Thanks for sharing! - Diane

Marlene said...

Monkey cat is cute!

So are the cupcake pictures. :D