Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Frankie- our new frisky and fiesty kitten

This was the May 15th, the day we got him. He wasn't scared, he just stepped out of the box and started running around. He is wired and silly and just plain fun. He is supposed to be Stinky's cat, but sleeps with Jim and I...along with Tater. We need a King size bed;)
We named him after the place we got him, Franklin Farm Supply and Pet Center. Frankie is what we came up with, though I think El Diablo Loco fits better! Mikey doesn't think much of him, but I do believe he's running around more and might have lost a pound or two. Frankie says Relax!

Stealing the Boppy and blankie!

Snugglin' in the clean laundry, ornery bugger!


sassypackrat said...

He's adorable!

Catherine said...

Oh ~ too too cute! Sigh... to have a sweet wee kitten in the house running around again. So fun!

xo Catherine

smilernpb said...

He certainly is a cutie. I just wanna hug him! lol

April said...

oh, I miss kittens...our cats are 11 years old I remember when they would wiggly under doors to get where they wanted :)

hope you are having a great weekend